Argentinian researchers have discovered that both glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides affect the ovarian growth in crustaceans, during in vivo and in vitro studies on the estuarine crab Neohelice granulata.

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Ovarian growth impairment after chronic exposure to Roundup Ultramax® in the estuarine crab Neohelice granulata.

Authors: Canosa IS, Silveyra GR, Avigliano L, Medesani DA, Rodríguez EM.


Adult females of the estuarine crab Neohelice granulata were exposed to the glyphosate formulation Roundup Ultramax® during the entire 3-month pre-reproductive period. At the end of the assay, a significant higher increment of glycemia was noted at both glyphosate concentrations assayed (0.01 and 0.2 mg/L, acid equivalent). Although no differences were observed in the gonadosomatic index, a significantly higher proportion of reabsorbed vitellogenic oocyte was observed at the highest glyphosate concentration, together with a significant decrease of vitellogenin content in the ovary. In addition, some in vitro assays were carried out by co-incubating small pieces of ovary with or without the addition of Roundup; at both concentrations tested (same as those used in vivo), a decrease in the ovarian vitellogenin content was observed, whereas the ovarian protein synthesis was significantly inhibited by glyphosate at 0.2 mg/L in the Roundup formulation used.

Effects of Glyphosate on Somatic and Ovarian Growth in the Estuarine Crab Neohelice granulata, During the Pre-Reproductive Period

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Authors: Luciana Avigliano, Ivana S. Canosa, Daniel A. Medesani, Enrique M. Rodríguez