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Toxicity confirmed for a GMO and the pesticide Roundup

Invitation to a CRIIGEN press conference on the study of Prof. Séralini’s group

Tuesday 15 January 14:00 PM European Parliament 1, Avenue du Président Robert Schuman, 67000 – Strasbourg Room LOW N-1/201
Complaints of defamation filed against critics
Raw data released to
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Dr Ismail Cakmak: Glyphosate May Result in Iron Impairment

Results from this Turkish Cukurova University study suggest that glyphosate residues or drift may result in severe impairments in Fe and Mn nutrition of nontarget plants, possibly due to the formation of poorly soluble glyphosate-metal complexes in plant tissues and/or rhizosphere interactions. (more…)

Iowa – Infertility in Pigs from GM Corn

After long research, Jerry Rosman discovered his  pigs couldn’t reproduce because of genetically engineered corn. They produced sacs of water—false pregnancies. As a result, he’s become an organic farmer and proponent of organic foods. (more…)