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GM corn

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US Institute of Ecoystems: Bt Corn is Toxic to Water Ecosystems

This US Institute of Ecosystem Studies communicated paper shows that Bt corn byproducts, such as pollen and detritus, enters headwater streams and are subject to storage, consumption, and transport to downstream water bodies. Laboratory feeding trials showed that consumption of Bt
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Prof John E Losey: Bt Corn Harms Monarch Butterfly Larvae

This Cornell University study showed that monarch larvae were badly affected by Bt corn. Larvae of the monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus, reared on milkweed leaves dusted with pollen from Bt corn, ate less, grew more slowly and suffered higher mortality than larvae
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Prof Ashild Krogdahl: GM Corn Leads to Obesity

Norwegian Veterinary Science College feeding trials on rats, mice, pig and salmon have found that GM feed produces significant changes. Rats and fish fed Bt corn grew fatter than the control groups fed non-GM corn. Salmon fed on GM corn were
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Iowa – Infertility in Pigs from GM Corn

After long research, Jerry Rosman discovered his  pigs couldn’t reproduce because of genetically engineered corn. They produced sacs of water—false pregnancies. As a result, he’s become an organic farmer and proponent of organic foods. (more…)

Germany Dead Cows – GM Corn

Between 2000 and 2002 Gottfried Gloeckner, whose dairy farm was then in North Hessen near Frankfurt, witnessed the mysterious death of 65 of his cows after he had fed them genetically manipulated Bt176 corn from the Swiss company, Syngenta.
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