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Dr Manuela Malatesta: GM Soy Influences Hepatocyte Nuclear Features

This Italian University of Urbino study showed significant modifications of some nuclear features in mice fed on GM Soy. (more…)

Dr Manuela Malatesta: GM Soy Effects Pancreas Cells in Mice

This Italian University of Urbino study found a significant lowering of nucleoplasmic and nucleolar splicing factors as well as a perichromatin granule accumulation in GM-fed mice. (more…)

Dr Antonella Agodi: GM DNA Found in Milk on Italian Market

University of Catania results from the screening of 60 samples of 12 different milk brands in Italy demonstrated the presence of GM maize sequences in 15 (25%) and of GM soybean sequences in 7 samples (11.7%). (more…)

Dr Vecchio: Changes in Mouse Testes from GM Soy

This research carried out at the University of Pavia considered the possible effects of a diet containing genetically modified (GM) soybean on mouse testes. Changes that could cause infertility problems in the mice testes were identified and the role
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