The GMO Evidence project is run by a group of citizens who have no direct connection with the organisations or scientists who have carried out the research we have included in our project. We are part of a group of sites which includes: Sustainable Pulse (News), GMO Seralini and GMO Judy Carman.

The purpose of this project is to provide citizens, the media, and scientists with a one-stop resource for information about research and information from scientists and the general public on genetically modified foods and their associated pesticides.

The studies we have investigated are conducted by scientists from countries across the globe and they all have serious implications for public health and the environment and should be addressed rationally and on scientific grounds. We aim to address and correct many of the misleading statements that have been made about the research by the biotech giants.

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b) build the largest body of evidence on GMOs ever created

c) research new evidence from global sources

d) connect scientific evidence from countries worldwide to help force GMO labeling in the US

We do not claim that this project is the final word – or even our final word – on GMO research. As the discussion evolves, we shall update it. We welcome respectful comments from people of all viewpoints.

GMO Evidence also invites you to look at the following links for further information on GMOs and Glyphosate: