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1500 Mayan Bee Colonies Destroyed by GMO Pesticide Roundup

1,500 colonies of honeybees, from a community in Hopelchen, Campeche, died this February 6 from the fumigation of Monsanto’s GMO’s in a nearby area. (more…)

CRIIGEN: Congenital Malformations in Children from Pesticides?

In January 2009, a farming couple contacted CRIIGEN because two of their three children were born with congenital malformations. One had a somatotropic deficiency, an imperforate anus and a small atrial septal defect at birth. Due to the absence of
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    Gilles-Eric Seralini: 3 GM Maize Varieties ‘Negatively Impact’ Organs

Gilles-Eric Seralini: 3 GM Maize Varieties ‘Negatively Impact’ Organs

In the three GM maize varieties that formed the basis of this investigation, new side effects linked to the consumption of these cereals were revealed, which were sex- and often dose-dependent. Effects were mostly concentrated in kidney and liver
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