This study by scientists from Alexandria University showed that the GM corn was not substantially equivalent to the non-GM parent.

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Chemical Analysis of BT corn “Mon-810: Ajeeb-YG®” and its counterpart non-Bt corn “Ajeeb”

Authors: Abdo E.M., Barbary O.M., Shaltout O.E.


Commercialization of biotech crops has started since 1996, where the cultivated area of these cropswas increased from 1.7 million hectares in 1996 to 170.3 million hectares in 2012 according to the latest  statistics in 2012. Bt corn “MON810: Ajeeb YG®” is one of these crops that express endotoxin from Bacillusthuringiensis (Bt) throughout the whole plant. This study was designed to assess the safety of Bt corn bycomparing its compositional chemical analysis with its conventional counterpart “Ajeeb”. Moisture content,crude fat, total saccharides, starch & crude fiber were determined; sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and  phosphorous content were measured, tannins & phytic acid were determined as anti-nutrients. Amino acids and  fatty acids profiles were also evaluated. Results indicated the presence of significant differences between both of Bt corn and its counterpart.