This study by scientists at Suez Canal University examined the effects on rats of a diet containing the GM maize. The study found that the GM corn diet caused increased or decreased organs/body weight or changes in blood biochemistry that indicated possible toxicity.

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Morphological and Biochemical Changes in Male Rats Fed on Genetically Modified Corn (Ajeeb YG)

Authors:   Gab-Alla A. A., El-Shamei Z. S., Shatta A. A., Moussa E. A., and Rayan A. M.


This study was designed to evaluate the safety of genetically modified (GM) corn (Ajeeb YG). Corn grains from Ajeeb YG or its control (Ajeeb) were incorporated into rodent diets at 30% concentrations administered to rats (n= 10/group) for 45 and 91 days. An additional negative control group of rats (n=10/group) was fed AIN93G diets. General conditions were observed daily, total body weights were recorded weekly. At the termination of the study periods, some visceral organs (heart, liver, kidneys, testes and spleen) and serum biochemistry were measured. The data showed several statistically significant differences in organs/body weight and serum biochemistry between the rats fed on GM and/or Non-GM corn and the rats fed on AIN93G diets. In general, GM corn sample caused several changes by increase or decrease organs/body weight or serum biochemistry values. This indicates potential adverse health/toxic effects of GM corn and further investigations still needed.