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Dr Steve Taylor: Nut Allergies to GM Soy Modified with Nut Gene

In this Nebraska University study subjects who were allergic to Brazil nuts had allergic reactions to soya beans modified with a Brazil nut gene. (more…)

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    Dr Rick A. Relyea: Highly Lethal Effects of Roundup on Amphibians

Dr Rick A. Relyea: Highly Lethal Effects of Roundup on Amphibians

This Pittsburgh University study represents one of the most extensive experimental investigations of pesticide effects on aquatic communities and offers a comprehensive perspective on the impacts of pesticides when nontarget organisms are examined under ecologically relevant conditions. (more…)

Canada – GM Toxin in Human Blood

Scientists from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, have detected the insecticidal protein, Cry1Ab, circulating in the blood of pregnant as well as non-pregnant women. They have also detected the toxin in fetal blood, implying it could pass on to the
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Iowa – Infertility in Pigs from GM Corn

After long research, Jerry Rosman discovered his  pigs couldn’t reproduce because of genetically engineered corn. They produced sacs of water—false pregnancies. As a result, he’s become an organic farmer and proponent of organic foods. (more…)

Vanishing Bees – Monsanto’s Roundup

Terrence Ingram claims some 250 of his colonies have been killed off over the years by Monsanto’s broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup, used in large quantities on both conventional- and genetically engineered crops. Ingram’s research shows that Roundup can lead to
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US Tryptophan Disaster – GM Bacteria

The tryptophan disaster in the end of the 1980′s and beginning of 1990′s killed 37 and permanently disabled 1,500 people in the United States in a disease called eosonophil myalgia syndrome (EMS). (more…)