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Dr. Jian Chen: Transgenic DNA from GMOs in all rivers tested in China

A novel method was used in this research, to select and isolate those bacteria from the Chinese river water which contained DNA suspected to derive from GMOs. These were then carefully studied to demonstrate that the DNA could not
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Dr Aysun Kılıc: Rats Fed GM Maize Suffer Liver, Kidney Damage

In this Turkish study from Hacettepe University the Rats fed GM insecticide-producing maize over three generations suffered damage to liver and kidneys and showed alterations in blood biochemistry. (more…)

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    Dr Ozturk: Glyphosate Inhibits Ferric Reductase – Could Lead to Iron Deficiency

Dr Ozturk: Glyphosate Inhibits Ferric Reductase – Could Lead to Iron Deficiency

Iron (Fe) deficiency is increasingly being observed in cropping systems with frequent glyphosate applications. A likely reason for this is that glyphosate interferes with root uptake of Fe by inhibiting ferric reductase in roots required for Fe acquisition by
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Dr Darren Roberts: 3.2% Mortality from Glyphosate Poisoning

601 patients were identified in this University of Peradeniya glyphosate poisoning study; the majority ingested a concentrated formulation (36% w/v glyphosate). 27.6% were asymptomatic, 64% had minor poisoning and 5.5% of patients had moderate to severe poisoning. There were 19
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Dr Ismail Cakmak: Glyphosate May Result in Iron Impairment

Results from this Turkish Cukurova University study suggest that glyphosate residues or drift may result in severe impairments in Fe and Mn nutrition of nontarget plants, possibly due to the formation of poorly soluble glyphosate-metal complexes in plant tissues and/or rhizosphere interactions. (more…)

Dr Gui – Glyphosate Induces Cell Death

This Shanghai Jiao Tong University study investigated the neurotoxic effects of glyphosate in differentiated PC12 cells and discovered that it inhibited viability of differentiated PC12 cells in dose-and time-dependent manners. The results also showed that glyphosate induced cell death via
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GMO Genocide – A Farmer Suicide Every 30 Minutes

An important 2015 paper by respected researchers deconstructs the false hype around Bt (GM) insecticidal cotton in India. The paper shows that Annual suicide rates in rainfed areas are inversely related to farm size and yield, and directly related to
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India – Allergic Reactions from GM Cotton

Indian investigators found that farmers who had a direct contact with genetically modified Bt cotton suffered allergic reactions in various body parts which included hands, feet, face, eyes and nose, with some having fallen seriously ill. (more…)

India Dead Sheep – GM Cotton

At least 1 820 sheep were reported dead in 2006 after grazing on post-harvest Bt cotton crops; the symptoms and post-mortem findings strongly suggest they died from severe toxicity. (more…)

Philippines 5 Deaths, Many Ill – GM Maize Pollen

In 2003, at least ninety residents of Sitio Kalyong in the Philippines became seriously ill. They all lived within 100 m of a field planted with GM maize, and their illnesses coincided with the GM maize flowering time. (more…)